Plastic Stackable Export Pallet


Quick Overview

The CPP336ACM Plastic Stackable Export Pallet sports racking capacity of 2,000 lbs in an industrial-size, nine-leg body that complies with ISPM 15 regulations. It requires no costly sirex treatment and features four-way entry and easy cleanup. It stacks strong and measures 40” W x 48” L x 5.9” H.

Product Description

Cabka’s CPP336ACM Plastic Stackable Export Pallet is designed for efficient one-way exporting. It’s easy to keep clean, stackable for efficient storage and requires none of the expensive sirex treatment and paperwork ordinarily necessitated with wood pallets thanks to its recycled ACM material. It offers full resistance to insects, bacteria and fungi. The cruciform-perimeter base incorporates three snap-on runners in a footprint designed to facilitate stable stacking of loaded pallets. It accepts four-way entry and supports up to 7,500 lbs of static weight and dynamic loads of up to 2,000 lbs.

Model CPP336ACM
Brand Cabka
Outside Width 40”
Outside Length 48”
Height 5.9”
Load Capacity – Dynamic 3,000 lbs
Load Capacity – Static 7,500 lbs
Racking Capacity 2,000 lbs
Construction ACM, Recycled Material
Height w/ Lip 6.1″
Material Type Recycled plastic
Pallet Type Stackable